The beginning of an ending

Hello, dear reader. This will be one of the last posts. The semester is coming to an end and so is the AUBG internship in NU Boyana film studio. I am so glad that I could manage to walk all my readers into the world of filmmaking by trying to describe every single Friday that we spend in the studio. Now as I go through the post I realize that I have created some kind of a diary that I can preserve as a prove of what we, AUBG16, have archive during this internship. I am now sure that in the future I can go back and read in details how we spent the time in NU Boyana.

“Tell me, I forget! Teach me, I remember! Involve me, and I learn!”

Since my last summary post AUBG16 have gone through the most exciting moments we had in the film stuIMG_20150320_161308dio. We actually had the chance to film our own movie as a final product of our internship as we used all props and departments professionals usually use. We were allowed to use the original script of the movie The Legend of Hercules and to recreate two of the scenes from the movie.

First week after we decided which two scenes we are going to shoot, we spent in preparation. We made some lists with all roles of the people, the types of clothing we needed and all the props. We also created a story board that helped us position the camera and creating the perfect shots. We also announced who the actors in our scenes will be. For more detailed information, you can go back to the post dedicated to that week.

My next post was about our first shooting among the real movie sets of NU Boyana Film Studio. We dressed as Greek rulers and shot on the Greek movie set. I t was really exciting as we haven’t done that before. We spent all day moving cameras and positioning lightning, and then a couple of hours shooting the real scene.


The following week we did mostly the same thing. We shot our second scene from the movie The Legend of Hercules, and we kind of learned that weather can be really against the wile to work in the film industry. However, I use my blog post to thank our advisers about all they did for us to feel good and to actually learn something. Meeting them all was a great part of the internship and I am really glad that I had the chance to “work” with them.

And here comes the funniest part of the in11126172_10204040241913394_1224315818_nternship, and probably my favorite post so far. AUBG16 are already a great team, each of us has a position and we are all working together to produce the best final result. That post was dedicated to the editors in our group and how important their work is. In the post is also the Macarena video, that shows the movie sets of NU Boyana and proves that we have formed a great team, it was a lot of fun dancing the Macarena dance with you, guys.

Well this is it so far, however it is not going to be the last post as I will make sure that all readers see the final product AUB16 created when it is ready.

So we all learned a lot from this internship, for me it was a great opportunity to improve my “filmmaking” skills and also to meet some professionals that showed us the essence of the filmmaking process, what to do, and what to see, how to give the movie a reason, meaning and soul. So in my last video I made the members of AUBG16 to come up with a word, a statement or a sentence that describes their journey as a want to-be filmmakers.

“AUBG16 was a privileged and fantastic experience!” ~ Trayan Kostashki

I believe my blog was interesting as it really describes in details what happens to 16 students who have the chance to work in a real film studio. It is chronological ordered and it contains two summary post that simply summarize the posts and quickly navigates the readers throughout them.

I am glad that I had the chance to work with the rest of AUBG16 as they are all great, hardworking and ambitious. Each of them knows what he/she wants to be part of, and is full of energy and creativity. I believe we work well as a team as for those weeks we have became not only colleges but also friend. Thank you, all guys for being part of my exciting journey, thank you Tuty, Lucho, Max, Tsvety, Alena, Sorin, Daria, Dana, Eddie, Anton. I also would like to thank Marto, Vessy, Ani Davdariani, Annie, Tata who left AUBG16, however we have spent enough time together. Also, thank you Olya, Aleks and Sergey who managed to help us with everything even though they had a lot of work to do. And last but not least, thank you Professor Melody Gilbert for making this internship real and also for teaching my MMJ course that provoked me to begin blogging, and using social media as an important part of the my journalism education.

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The dancing Friday

Hello, dear reader. The end of the internship of the AUBG students in NU Boyana Film studio is almost here and the due to the final project is slowly but surely starting to put some pressure on the interns. The good thing is that we have a lot of footage and the better one is that it is good. However as only three people are going to edit it: Trayan Kostashki, Alena Usacheva and Daria  Kornilova they are going to be the main “actors” in this post.


I spent some time with the editors today because I am now really interested in editing and I was able to learn some new stuff about the whole process of post-production. The editors were working in one the main editing room in the studio with NU Boyana’s best computers and equipment. They divided their responsibilities in two, Trayan was working on the first scene of the remake we are doing of The Legend of Hercules. Alena and Daria joined powers to edit the second scene of our remake as all three of the students were advised by one of the main editor in the studio: Bogomil Georgiev. I took some picture of them and also watched for a couple of minutes how are they doing their magic.

They spent a lot of time watching every single take from the footage so they could distinguish those which were going to fit the best with one another in order to create that feeling of wholeness of the scene. Then they ordered them and started cropping, fixing the colors and reorder them, which is the hardest part of the whole process as they should be really into it. They should be focused so that they can see the best combination and the best look.

Well, after I left the editors to work I joined the rest of AUBG16 who were walking freely around the movie sets searching for some inspiration. We wanted to make a movie that Friday, in order to take advantage of the free time, as the editors were those who had most of the work done today. So, instead of just hanging out and playing, we decided to shoot a tour video of the movie sets in the film studio, as they are quite remarkable. Some great movies were shot there such as Expendables 3.


However, we thought that just randomly walking among them and shooting is going to be quite boring, so we needed something to spice up our video. And we decided to dance. To do the Macarena dance in front of each set. It was going to be easy as the dance moves are simple and almost each one of us knew them. So, the idea is to show the audience the sets, as on every next take shows one more person, so that we start with only me dancing in a cage (haha I know) and we end up with all nine of us, who were present this Friday, in front of the main building of NU Boyana film studio.

And we put some creative process in the whole thing, Tsvety was again the director of the takes as she has been part of the Broadway perf club in AUBG and she is quite familiar with the whole look of many people dancing the same thing. I can say that I was the choreographer because I know the dance moves by hearth. Most of us were shooting because we needed new people in every shot. Even the editors took part in the video as we get them after they were done with the editing. So this is the video. I hope you enjoy it.

I believe we had a great time this Friday. We did some serious stuff and we also had some fun. I can say that AUBG16 is becoming  a great team with each passing Friday.

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A look into the future

Hello dear reader. This Friday is considered as part of the Easter Holiday in Bulgaria so AUBG interns are not visiting NU Boyana film studio as we usually do every Friday. Next Friday is going to be dedicated to post-production of our remake of the two scenes from the movie The Legend of Hercules. We are going to edit the footage and plan some kind of advertising merchandise about it such as poster.


However lets come back to this week. As we didn’t go to the studio and we enjoyed our Easter Holiday I decided to look into the future and try t find out who is interested in the internship in NU Boyana and how this whole experience looks like from the perspective of someone not from the group.


The easiest way was to ask someone from the Journalism and Mass Communication major as the work we do in NU Boyana is mostly connected to it. So, I talked to Viktoria Georgieva, a sophomore majoring in JMC that has been interested in my blog and the whole internship in general.

She is following my blog and she said that according to what she sees and reads, she believes that AUBG16 are not only having fun in the film studio but also learning new things about filmmaking, meeting some famous professionals from the movie industry and also accomplishing new skills that can be useful not only in filmmaking but in almost every situation.

She also shared that if AUBG and NU Boyana film studio decide to “join forces” again next year to redo this internship she would like to be part of it. As this is the first year that NU Boyana took interns from AUBG, it is important that AUBG16 succeed in our mission of showing that students from our university are creative and enthusiastic. And with our performance this semester we will be the first group to have completed this kind of internship in NU Boyana.

So I asked Viki what she would like to show and learn in the film studio. She is really good at writing and she prefers participating as a script writer so that she could be the one that creates the initial story. However, she enjoys watching movies and would love to go backstage to be a participant in the making process.

But for now she enjoys reading my posts and looking forward to our final product.

“AUBG16, you better make a great movie, so that NU Boyana decide to be AUBG partners in this internship next year. ” ~ Voktoria Georgieva.

I promise her that we will do our best to make our final product worthy to be watched as something that has been shot in NU Boyana. We know that some of the most remarkable action movies such as Expendables 3 have been shot in the NU Boyana film studio, and we try to use all the skills we’ve learned and the studio equipment in order to show the professionals in the studio that we are ambitious and hardworking.

She believes that what we produce at the end will be the prove of what we did for all those weeks and will actually show if we succeeded in making a real, good-quality movie.

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” ~Elmore Leonard

I share her hopes and I am also looking forward to be one of those who just sit and watch our final project. And at this time I will know that we were the ones who produced it, who shot it and who edited it. I hope at the end our project will be able to attract more AUBG students to participate in future internships such as our NU Boyana experience.

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Welcome to the film industry

Hi, dear reader, this Friday was the last day of shooting for the two scenes from the movie The Legend of Hercules. As inters from AUBG in NU Boyana film studio, we were given the task to re-shoot and reproduce two scenes from the original movie as we were provided with the original script and the permission to use everything from the department we need.


I want to say that this Friday I had so much fun as I was responsible for the costumes of the actors who were also interns from AUBG and It was more exciting than last Friday because Tsvetiana was playing the queen from the film and I had the chance to go through the costume department and see all kinds of dresses from different eras and different famous movies. We needed a Greek dress, I we had it, together with a golden tiara and Tsvety looked so beautiful.

Well, the only problem today was the weather, it was so cold and windy, and in an addition to that we were filming on a balcony and the wind was blowing directly in our faces. And the actors were dressed for Greek weather, sunny and hot, and they were freezing. The wind was also preventing the sound zoom to record the dialogue of the actors. We also had many curtains attached to the columns of the temple in the set and they were constantly unfastening.

Untitled-1I can definitely say now that AUBG had our first REALLY challenging shooting. I can only imagine what filming a huge production is like, now we know that sometimes progress depends on outside forces, such as weather conditions or bad luck. However the film industry can teach you how to react in moments like this. This Friday more than one person told us:

“Welcome to the film industry. This is an every-day life here.”

Being able to improvise and be creative are parts of the things that make one filmmaker professional. The ability to stay focused and calm even though everything is against you. This advise can be really useful for almost every situation in life. And what I noticed during my internship in NU Boyana is that no one ever complains, they are all used to facing problems with the cameras or the sound, or the weather, and the most exciting part that makes one experience unique is figuring out how to make the best out of every problem.

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.” ~ Richard Bach.

That is the reason why we didn’t just quit the shooting or postpone it for the next week, we wanted to feel that excitement mixed with a bit of anxiety that the real movie industry actually is. And I believe we made it. With the help of many blankets and some hot tea, of course, but I have seen the footage and I can assure you that I am even more excited than all of you to see the final result of this project.11128832_10203951822782971_1395608860_n

We are not professionals, but we tried to act like ones, and that doesn’t mean that we did just a few takes and were sure that they are perfect. To be honest, we did a lot of them, some of them will probably not be used, but a professional always has a backup plan. A professional always has enough footage so that he/she can incorporate exactly what he/she imagines.

AUBG16 wants to send special thanks to Dimo Aleksandrov, who is one of our advisors and helped us arrange everything according to the shooting, he was concerned about the weather and us finishing the shooting on time, but at the end I believe we made him proud. We also thank Strahil Predov, one of the main lighting operators in the film studio, who spent the whole day with us in the cold and took care that the lightning is perfect. And last but not least, thanks to Aleksandra Tsvetkova who made us famous in social media.

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The art of filmmaking

Hello dear reader, I will be reporting from a real shooting set this Friday as the AUBG interns are using the original Greek and Roman movie set at NU Boyana film studio in order to shoot our first movie done with professional cameras and all those crazy fancy stuff such as make up, wardrobe and lightnings.


And I can assure you that it was really exciting. Well, just to remind you, we are doing a remake of one of the scenes from the original movie Hercules that had been shot in Nu Boyana. However, we of course don’t have Kellan Lutz as actor and some of us are playing the role of actors. So except from shooting the scene, we were allowed to use everything, from the costumes to the props and the weapons.

I think I still have that same drive and determination, the same curiosity and passion for filmmaking that I did when I first started. Every film brings with it unique challenges and experiences, and I approach every one with the same enthusiasm. ~ Barbara Kopple

We left Blagoevgrad earlier this Friday in order to have more time in the studio for moving the props and the costumes, and arranging the lights. And we were all responsible for all those things, we even had a strict schedule we had to follow as we needed to be done till 5pm when the departments close.


Probably the most difficult part of setting the scene was arranging and fixing the lights, because we needed gloomy and smoky light and at the end we ended up with more than five different projectors working. Strahil Predov, a professional lighting technician from the film studio, was with us the whole day, he showed us how to arrange the projectors, and that we need different kind of diffusers in order to make the light smoother and gloomier. We also used lights to simulate fire burning on a torches around the set.

All of the boys combined powers to move the huge and heavy bench that looked so fancy, like it was taken out of the Roman times. But as I mentioned before, it was really heavy. However, it worth the effort as the bench looked absolutely fabulous on the scene, it matched the theme of the movie so well and it added to the Greek environment of the scene. Check it out 🙂

We all have different roles in the whole process of shooting, for example Tsvetiana Zaharieva was the producer,  director of Photography – Alena Usacheva, sound editor/designer – Sorin Petrov. And I was taking care of the costumes, the makeup of the actors and of taking pictures that will help us remember this exciting experience of working as a professional in the movie industry

Filmmaking is such a collaborative piece of art that you can’t look to one person. It’s really all of us coming together for that period of time to try and make magic.~ Vin Diesel

Eddie Sullivan and Lachezar Stoykov – the actors looked as real professionals with memorizing the lines from the script and did a great job with the acting. They both had great costumes that were matching the era of the scene. At some point I got used to them playing the roles and I believe we had great footage to work on with at the editing process.

Even though our scene was less than three minutes we needed more than two hours to shoot it from different angles and to make the frame fit perfectly. We had more than 20 takes to make sure we had what we need to create a real scene from a movie in the post-production process.

Well, I can say that that was the experience I was waiting for since I was accepted for that internship. For a couple of hours we felt like a real filmmakers, professional and wise. While I was watching how Daria directed, the acting and all those other roles played by us I was thinking that this scene will look so epic after we are done editing. The lights, the cinematographers, the directors, the producers, they were all working together in a perfect harmony that will later create our own movie.

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The New Legend Of Hercules

Hi dear reader 🙂 This post is going to be about, I believe, the most exciting Friday the AUBG interns had at the NU Boyana Film Studio.

NU Boyana have planned for us to recreate some of the scenes from the original movie The Legend of Hercules, as only AUBG16 will play the part of the crew, from being actors to editors, everything on the shooting and the post production process will be done by us and only us. NU Boyana have provided us all we need from the wardrobe, props department, cameras, lights and sound recorders. We will see how a real movie is made and will definitely follow the steps of the professionals.


Our job this Friday was to prepare everything for the shooting – the following week. We started with choosing two shorter scenes from the movie, it took a lot of time to analyze which scene can be recreated without many special effects and subjects we didn’t have. For example they had many horses in the movie and we don’t. So we chose the scenes and then we needed to figure out where to shoot.


We were allowed to use all the sets in NU Boyana, we needed the Roman and the Greek one for the movie. We spent a lot of time walking around and in to the sets in order to find out the two best places for the two different scenes. After we did, we went back to our own AUBG16 office when we needed to create a storyboard for the two scenes. That is basically creating a sketch of every cut while shooting, what the audience see on their screen plus the spotted places of where the cameras are going to be. I was the one drawing the pictures, it was fun because they all looked really primitive and unfinished. At least they were useful because after I’ve done with them Trayan Kostashki went to the camera department with the sketches in order to ask if we made the right choices of positioning the cameras. Some of us also went to the wardrobe for the actors clothes: robes along with belts and shoes. We also listed what we need from the props department in order for the shootings to look as real as possible.

We also split up and assigned each of us a job. We “elected” a producer, director, editors, camera men, stylists and etc. So we are now for sure making something more serious and involving with this task.

I loved how we were so active last Friday, I like how each of us had something to do and the whole atmosphere was fun and productive at the same time. I believe we are now officially a team where each of us can show what he/she is capable of.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can check the sets we visited in the slide show 🙂 I hope you like it.

After sharing the exciting experience we shared in the film studio this Friday, I have some bad news to share. Well, probably AUBG16 will not be consisting of sixteen students any longer as some of the interns who signed up for graphic design are considering to quit due to the fact that they didn’t do much things connected to graphic design recently in the film studio. However, I am officially stating that I am not renaming the blog or the Facebook group or the Twitter account or even the hash tag in Twitter. And that is because I spent all those weeks with all fifteen of the interns and I believe that they will stay connected to the team and what is happening even though they will be not officially participating. I hope that they will continue reading my post and follow what the others are doing in the studio.

Even though we are only twelve now, I believe that we will continue to be productive and creative and will be able to form one strong and ambitious team.

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Film Industry and Multimedia Journalism work for me

Hello, dear reader 🙂 I can’t believe that half of the semester had already past and it is time for my summary post for the past semester. Weeks have gone so fast that I didn’t have chance to actually realize how many things I have learned during those few weeks in the Multimedia Journalism class in American University in Bulgaria.

As I now go back to my first post when I was introducing myself and the purpose of my blog I remember looking forward to the part, when I see myself as a real blogger. And I can now clearly see the future when others see me as one.


And social media was the reason I believe that someone actually cares about what I do and what my blog is about. Before the Multimedia Journalism class I was using Facebook regularly, however I logged in to Twitter once in a few months. I didn’t understand why it was so popular among not only among Americans, but also in Europe. And I couldn’t get how important corporations and famous newspaper are able to share their massages with the limit of those 140 characters.

As my blog is connected mainly to filmmaking, I usually use hash tags related to films and movies. And that sphere has a huge “community” on Twitter. Now I am kind of linked to the AUBG16 twitter account as I am following some film studios and worldwide famous film producers and screenwriters, and the excitement comes when they follow me back. I feel as I am becoming part of the whole movie industry just by receiving one simple Follow notification from a filmmaker. And I can’t believe that some of them actually read some of my posts. Exciting, isn’t it? Social media can be a great place to promote your work, either blog or crafts because a huge amount of people all over the world spend some time in Twitter. And they like it because they can read the news narrowed to those 140 character. Exactly that limit provides the news consistently and concisely.

“I have a Twitter and have followers from all over the world. It’s pretty overwhelming. ”

Dot Jones

In class with the videos, we started with the five shot video that helps the audience to understand a situation only by seeing five following shots from a different angle. And I love the example I made in class, the one showing how Bubble Tea is made, remember? We learned that there is no need of complex effects and transitions for a video to be interesting and informative.

I am really happy that I am taking the Multimedia Journalism class simultaneously with my internship in NU Boyana Film Studio as the knowledge and tips I receive in class help me develop a better filming and editing style. It will be useful for creating the short movie that is going to be the final product of the internship in the film studio.


To start with, learning how to shoot at all is a great skill for both the class and the internship as I am supposed to make either a video or short movie. And for this skill, NU Boyana’s crew and equipment were in charge. As the teams from AUBG16 were shooting around Sofia, I got use to the shooting with a fabulous camera and being able to actually make some good shots with it. And now I am using that skill in my Multimedia Journalism class for the five shot video and the future creative videos.

Last Tuesday, in class, we learned how to create news package. And for that we needed a lot of editing in order to synchronize the Voice Over-s and to chose the right parts of the footage we have. And the best thing was, that the following Friday AUBG16 had a meeting with Gergana Angelova – one of the main editors in NU Boyana Film Studio, who gave us important tips and tried to improve to a maximum our editing skills.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This past week was an example of how the two activities – the class and the internship are working together for me in order to make me a better video maker and blogger. I also used the meeting in the film studio in order to make a example of news package. I hope you like it.

I love how the class is going and the fact that we are doing something different every week as we are learning new things. And the class is far from boring as we are basically put in a situations a real journalist is every day. We take interviews and sometimes are irritating and too pushy, and may be  a little too curious, but isn’t that the right way to get enough information from a source for story or a video?

“If you don’t hit a reader between the eyes with your first sentence, there is no need of writing a second one.”

Arthur Brisbane

We run for deadlines and quick, concise and accurate information. With a few words, we are learning how to be a real journalists, either reporter or editor, or camera man. We are looking at the face of the raw, hard and exciting journalism.

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Digital Content Marketing Seminar

Hi dear reader 🙂 This post is going to be a bit different from the others as it is not going to be about AUBG16 Fridays as interns in NU Boyana film studio. This time I am supposed to write about something in the news today and shoot a five-shot video about the subject. Remember what five-shot video was, the thing with the food pictures and the bubble tea video at the end. The post!

So this post is going to be about Digital Content Marketing seminal that took place in NU Boyana on Valentine’s Day. It was held by Keren Lerner, the sister of our great Boss in NU Boyana – Yariv Lerner and more important – the founder and Director of Top Left Design. The audience of 59 people gathered in the “Studio 2” at NU Boyana and it included variety of people: from government officials, trough journalists and PR people to yoga people. Check out Keren’s blog post about the event here.


Students from AUBG were invited to be a part of the audience. Aleksandar Cakic a student from AUBG majoring in Journalism and Mass communication, and Business traveled from Blagoevgrad to Sofia in order to have the chance to meet a marketing professional who could give him useful tips for the future.

It was free and lots of people tweeted about it, that made the seminar really popular in the social media. – Aleks

I am meeting with him to hear his story from the seminar and to find out what did he learned from Keren. So from him I found out that she was talking about raising the awareness of digital content marketing and she gave some really useful advices of how to make our blogs better. She insisted that social media is really important as a part of the marketing strategy of a person or a company as nowadays everyone is using Tweeter and Facebook.


What I found interesting about the event is the usage of tweeter and blogs, different tricks and tips of how we can improve our blogs and our company image. – Aleks

Keren also had shared some examples of how she had solved some of the problems she had  in her own professional career as a digital content marketing specialist.

A bad website is like a piece of spinach in a teeth of a business. – Keren Lerner

That was the most valuable presentation for the students in AUBG16 that are planning to work as PR agents or marketing professionals, every time is more exciting to meet someone that has done so much in a field you would like to work some day. It feels inspiring.

Now I am really sorry that I couldn’t attend this seminar as it could have been of a help for my Multimedia Journalism class and also in the future, if I decide to make a blog about something else ^.^ I am sure that Keren is a great person and she did everything to transfer her knowledge about digital content marketing to the audience, especially AUBG students.

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Almost criminals

Hi, dear reader ^.^ This Friday was our last day shooting in Sofia for the documentary on the subject of “Sofia trough my eyes.” With this Friday our experience as cinematographers in the Bulgarian capital is at its end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This time we left NU Boyana earlier in order to have more time for our last chance to capture the city as the center of the movie industry. Just like last Friday, we spent a lot of time downtown, visiting some of the most famous monuments, buildings and streets in Sofia.

IMG_20150220_130138My team were shooting around the Alexander Nevski Cathedral for a long time in order to catch its beauty from every possible angle: wide or unusual. We think that this particular building is the most gorgeous and eye-catching construction. With its golden dome and marvelous outer architecture it is a dignified representation of the downtown of the city. The church became the top model for our camera.

We also made some shots in front of the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria together with the guardsman. But we were focusing not only to the building itself but we also tried to capture as much pedestrians passing as possible to show the diversity of people walking around the streets every day. Because those different faces are the ones building the colors of Sofia.

After that we tried shooting in the subway, but we got into some trouble there.Trayan Kostashki and Anton Georgiev were underground shooting the train coming and going and Maxim Tzvetkov and I were waiting upstairs. But after a couple of minutes, when they come back they were accompanied by a policeman who was holding our camera. He said that we can be detained for 24 hours for shooting into the subway. Even though there are no signs telling that cameras are not allowed we were assured that shooting is forbidden. The policeman explained that every shot can be used to denounce the plans of the subway to some organizations.

“I know I have cool sunglasses, I didn’t know I look like a criminal with them.” – Trayan Kostashki

We clarify that we are using the footage for a student project because we didn’t want to involve NU Boyana into this. He checked our IDs and at the end we were free to go; we were even allowed to keep our footage. So guys, take one advice from me… don’t shoot in the subway 😀

Well, the oth11024953_10204350789664985_1506769244_oers were shooting on different locations, one of the teams even took some shots in the Bulgarian National Music Academy . They tried to capture the music soul of the capital together with some people who are ready to share their cultural experience with the young future filmmakers. They were really looking forward to edit those shots because:

“We are very happy with that footage” – Ani Devdariani

They also spent some time on Vitosha street doing time lapses for a more original view of the environment downtown. I can imagine the whole team gathering around the camera, looking at the screen and waiting.

So, this last Friday the four teams visited different places in Sofia in order to have enough material for the future editors who will be working on mixing the footage and create the final cut of the documentary.

Next week AUBG16 will be separated into departments as we will have editors who will work on the raw footage we have from Sofia. There will be sound editors who will take care of the sounds recorded. Some people will also join the PR department and will make sure that the documentary will be promoted. Graphic design interns will do the posters or flyers for the documentary and some other projects. We can’t wait to do some more work as we are kind of tired of walking and hooting around Sofia.

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Bubble Tea adventure

Hello, guys ^.^ This is Iva and I am in Multimedia Journalism class right now. It’s pretty exciting today as we learned the rules of the five shot method for video making.

1. Shot of the hands – we show what is done.


2. Shot of the face – we show who is doing it.


3. Wide shot – we show where it is done.

Positive family preparing lunch together

4. Sot from behind the shoulder (POV shot) – we show how it is done.


5. Something else shot- we show some additional shots from other angles.


We had the opportunity to do our first mini movie as we have one hour to go around campus and the center of Blagoevgrad in order to capture what is happening around the town. I was in a team with Maria Zasheva and Teodora Mihailova and we decided to show the readers how bubble tea is made in Blagoevgrad.

It is basically green or black tea with some flavor and tapioca pearls, which are sweet chewy bubbles that are really delicious… I love them ❤

In class we also had the chance to edit the raw footage and to export the video so that readers of our blogs will see how bubble tea is prepared and served.


Hope you, guys have fun, because we did 😀 We even bought some tea to make our day sweeter.

Check out the video ^.^